My Story


From Fat to Fit

It’s not an uncommon story these days that someone a little on the heavy side sees the light and makes a transformation to the healthier end of the scales. Unfortunately, it’s far more common to hear all the excuses why the weight won’t shift. And that list of excuses is long and well worn.

Being placed squarely in the middle of the bracket of human beings that loves food (preferably in large quantities), likes a tipple and can put weight on simply at the mention of cheesecake, it’s little wonder that adding a generous pinch of inactivity to the equation saw my weight balloon up to 17 stone (108kg). This would be acceptable if I was 6’ 10” but sadly I’m a foot and some change less than that. So basically, I’d crash-landed in the land of obesity.

The extent of the problem was highlighted on a trip to the USA (a dreamland of feasting opportunities) whilst walking in Bryce Canyon. It involved a fairly steep path back out, a lot of stops and some near cardiac arrest moments. It was obvious something needed to change and change quickly. Which I would contemplate over another giant steak and of course, start in the mystical land of tomorrow.

Fast forward

Having lost almost a third of my body weight, life is somewhat different. I would love to say that there’s a magic pill or quick way of losing weight but sadly, short of lopping off a limb, there isn’t. I’ve never followed any of the numerous fad diets because as the statistics show, they simply don’t work. 80% of people who lose weight on those diets rarely reach their targets and most will put all and probably more weight back on. It comes down to eating better and moving more. Simple really!

Since making that decision to sort it permanently and the painful first steps of trying to run and joining the gym, it’s fair to say life is much more fun not to mention healthier.

Things I’ve Done

Since losing those first wobbly pounds, I’ve taken part in a whole range of events that I never would have dreamed possible.

  • parkruns
  • 24-hour team relay races
  • Ironman and half ironman triathlons
  • Obstacle course racing
  • Mountain biking and road cycling
  • Marathon, half marathons, 10km races (and many other distances)
  • Trekked to Mount Everest base camp.
  • Cover a minimum of 10,000 steps daily, but average more
  • And outside of organised races, general everyday life is better.

I can help

For anyone who is a bit unfit or lugging around some extra timber but feels nothing works to sort it, trust me, there is a way. I still love my food and beer and don’t live on a restrictive diet.

I can help you work towards a healthier way of life and maybe take on a challenge you never thought you could achieve.

Can you make this happen for me?

Don't know where to start? Lacking motivation? Feel like you've tried everything and nothing works? Would love to make big changes?
Then let's talk!